Research by Aspect (Thaumcraft 3)

For the Aspect list and the items that have those aspects, see List of Aspects or List of Aspects (Thaumcraft 3).
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This article contains detailed information of discoveries, recipes, or secrets, which are intended to be discovered through in-game mechanics.

Just because you know a recipe doesn't necessarily mean you can make it (yet). You must complete tier 1 before going onto tier 2, and you must have the research done and learned before you can do something with the researched items.

TIER 1[edit]

Research Aspects required
Magic Tallow

Corpus Ignis


Ignis Lux Potentia


Fractus Ignis Potentia

Basic Transmutation (gold)

Carus Metalum Permutatio

Silver Transmutation

Metalum Permutatio

Iron Transmutation

Metalum Permutatio

Tin Transmutation

Vitreus Metalum Permutatio

Copper Transmutation

Metalum Permutatio Victus

Lead Transmutation

Metalum Permutatio Vacuos


Metalum Permutatio Praecantatio

Gunpowder (Transmutation)

Fractus Ignis Permutatio


Research Aspects required
Magical Building Blocks

Fabrico Lignum Metalum Praecantatio Saxum

Enchanted Fabric

Fabrico Pannus Praecantatio


Cognito Machina Praecantatio


Research Aspects required
Thaumaturge's Robes

Tutamen Praecantatio Pannus

TIER 2[edit]

You must complete the first tier to go onto the second. Exceptions to this include hidden transmutations. The research tree in the Thauminomicon will show you what you need to have in order to advance into the next tier of research. Theory of Everything also does not require a fully completed TIER 2 to research. More details are required.

Research Aspects required
Unified Thaumic Field Theory

Aqua Aura Cognito Ignis Mutatio Praecantatio Solum Tempus


Research Aspects required
Crystal Clusters

Praecantatio Permutatio Vitreus

Spellbinding Cloth

Pannus Praecantatio Permutatio


Research Aspects required
Boots of the Traveller

Aqua Motus Solum Tutamen Volito

Wand of Uprising

Motus Potentia Praecantatio Volito

Wand of Equal Trade

Praecantatio Instrumentum Permutatio

Wand of Excavation

Praecantatio Instrumentum Metalum Saxum

Wand of Fire

Praecantatio Fractus Ignis Telum

Wand of Lightning

Praecantatio Fractus Potentia Telum

Wand of Frost

Praecantatio Fractus Gelum Telum

Shovel of the Earthmover

Solum Instrumentum Fractus Fabrico

Sword of the Zephyr

Aura Fractus Motus Telum

Pickaxe of the Core

Ignis Instrumentum Metalum Visum

Axe of the Stream

Aqua Instrumentum Lignum Motus

Hoe of Growth

Herba Instrumentum Messis Victus

Magical Hand Mirror

Alienis Instrumentum Motus Permutatio Vacuos Visum


Research Aspects required
(Wood Golem Worker)

Imperito Animus Motus Victus

Clay Golem Worker

Imperito Motus Permutatio Solum

Stone Golem Worker

Imperito Motus Permutatio Saxum

Tallow Golem Worker

Imperito Corpus Fabrico Motus Permutatio

Straw Golem Worker

Imperito Herba Instrumentum Messis Motus Permutatio

Golem Perception

Imperito Permutatio Visum

Golem Speed

Imperito Motus Permutatio

Golem Strength

Imperito Permutatio Potentia

Golem Intelligence

Imperito Cognito Permutatio

Advanced Stone Golem Worker

Imperito Animus Cognito Permutatio Purus

Advanced Clay Golem Worker

Imperito Animus Cognito Permutatio Purus

Decanting Golem

Imperito Motus Cognito Aqua Purus


Research Aspects required
Goggles of Revealing

Cognito Mutatio Praecantatio Tutamen Visum

Basic Flux Research

Imperito Machina Mutatio Permutatio Purus

Hungry Chest

Motus Animus Permutatio Vacuos

Portable Hole

Motus Alienis Permutatio Vacuos

Warded Stone and Doors

Motus Cognito Imperito Machina Tutamen

Magic Mirror

Motus Alienis Permutatio Vitreus Visum Vacuos


Research Aspects required
Arcane Ear

Aura Imperito Machina Visum Sonus

Arcane Levitator

Aura Machina Motus Solum Volito

Warded Jars

Tutamen Vacuos Vinculum Vitreus

Infernal Furnace

Animus Ignis Imperito Praecantatio Saxum Vinculum

Arcane Bellows

Aura Imperito Instrumentum Motus

Brain in a Jar

Cognito Malum Animus Permutatio

Arcane Pressure Plate

Cognito Imperito Machina Potentia Tutamen

Traveller's Paving Stone

Solum Volito Motus Saxum

TIER 3[edit]

Research Aspects required
Theory of Everything
(Wand of the Thaumaturge)

Bestia Bestolia Cognito Corpus Flos Fungus Herba Instrumentum Lignum Machina Messis Metalum Sonus Telum Tutamen Venenum Victus Vitreus

Basic Aura Manipulation
(Crystal Core)

Imperito Motus Mutatio Permutatio Praecantatio Vacuos

Rod of the Nine Hells

Telum Ignis Malum Bestia Praecantatio

Thaumostatic Harness

Aura Imperito Motus Potentia Tutamen Volito


Research Aspects required
Advanced Golemancy
(Iron Golem Guardian)

Animus Imperito Motus Telum Tutamen Victus


Research Aspects required
Arcane Bore

Instrumentum Machina Metalum Motus Potentia Saxum Solum Vacuos

Crystal Capacitor

Vitreus Praecantatio Permutatio

Knowledge Fragment Research[edit]

Research Aspects required
Accessory: Bowtie

Cognito Pannus Motus Carus

Accessory: Fez

Cognito Pannus Victus Carus

Accessory: Top Hat

Cognito Pannus Potentia Carus

Accessory: Spectacles

Cognito Carus Visum Vitreus

Golem Visor

Cognito Mortuus Tutamen Visum

Golem Dart Launcher

Cognito Machina Telum Aura

Accessory: Iron Plating

Cognito Metalum Tutamen

Fortunate Maul [TT]

Carus Instrumentum Tenebris

Lost Enchantments [TT]

Alienis Animus Bestolia Cognito Gelum Ignis Instrumentum Potentia Praecantatio Telum

Silk Cutter [TT]

Instrumentum Pannus Tenebris

Magic Bees[edit]

Research Aspects required
Thaumium Scoop

Bestolia Instrumentum Praecantatio Lignum

Thaumium Grafter

Instrumentum Herba Praecantatio Lignum

Bees and Magic

Bestolia Herba Lignum

Stark Bees

Bestolia Mutatio Praecantatio

Concentrated Compound

Aqua Messis Solum

Void Capsule

Permutatio Vitreus Alienis Vacuos

Magic Bees

Aqua Aura Bestolia Ignis Solum Praecantatio

Gentle Frame

Bestolia Instrumentum Flos Permutatio Victus Sano

  • Sano not needed as of 1.5.2
Magic Frame

Bestolia Instrumentum Bestia Praecantatio

Metabolic Frame

Bestolia Corpus Instrumentum Motus Permutatio Praecantatio Victus

Necrotic Frame

Bestolia Instrumentum Mortuus Permutatio Praecantatio Venenum

Resilient Frame

Bestolia Instrumentum Permutatio Praecantatio Tutamen

Temporal Frame

Bestolia Instrumentum Tempus

Thaumic Tinkerer 1[edit]

Research Aspects required
Advanced Thaumostatic Magnetizer

Carus Cognito Corpus Machina Metalum Motus Potentia Purus

Aphrodisiac Concoction

Sano Imperito Solum Victus

Arcane Transmutator

Permutatio Mutatio

Cryogenic Globe

Corpus Gelum Tempus Victus

Crystals of Climate

Aer Aqua Ignis Visum Vitreus

Ender Mirror

Alienis Instrumentum Praecantatio Visum


Mutatio Praecantatio Visum

Fume Dissipator

Aura Lux Tenebris

Gaseous Glowstone

Aura Lux Potentia

Gaseous Tenebrae

Tenebris Potentia Aura

Golem Name Tag

Lignum Tenebris

Goliath's Leggings

Bestia Tutamen

Hyperenergetic Nitor

Motus Fractus Ignis Potentia Lux Visum

Infernal Bracelet

Metalum Ignis Saxum

Phantom Stone Blocks

Alienis Animus Saxum Vinculum Vitreus

Reaper's Scythe

Malum Mortuus Animus Alienis Tenebris Victus Corpus

Rune Thanatos

Mortuus Potentia Vinculum

Sigil of Memories

Alienis Machina Motus

Spell Binding Cloth

Praecantatio Permutatio Pannus

Stopwatch of the Timetwister

Machina Tempus

Sword of the Condor

Motus Potentia Praecantatio Volito

Talisman of Remedium

Aqua Cognito Instrumentum Praecantatio Sano

Talisman of Withhold

Vinculum Malum Cognito

Thaumostatic Magnetizer

Aura Imperito Machina Metalum Potentia

Tool Dynamism

Imperito Machina Praecantatio Motus

Transvector Interface

Potentia Machina Alienis Permutatio

Wand of Dislocation

Vinculum Permutatio Vitreus

Wand of the Tinkerer

Vacuos Praecantatio

Wand of Uprising

Volito Motus Praecantatio Potentia

Warded Chest

Lignum Vacuos Praecantatio