Quicksilver (Thaumcraft 3)

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Name Quicksilver
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes

Quicksilver is a material from Thaumcraft 3. Quicksilver is obtained by smelting Cinnabar Ore or by breaking Shimmerleaf. It can also be produced by placing a Mercury Cell in an Industrial Centrifuge. Its primary use in Thaumcraft is for research via Research Table. It can also be used as fuel for the Magic Energy Converter producing 8000EU at 24EU/t.

Quicksilver can also be used to craft Mercury Cells in an Automatic Canning Machine, which, when used in an Industrial Grinder, will give full dusts of gold or silver from ores that would normally yield tiny dusts. In addition, processing Gold, Silver, and Sheldonite Ore will yield one extra gold, silver, or platinum dust, respectively. This can effectively be used to extend the raw materials given by ores.