Modded Minecraft Wiki:Policy

The following general Rules are expected to be followed by all contributors to the Modded Minecraft Wiki:

  1. Do not post any kind of spam or vandalism.
  2. Do not advertise. This includes servers, YouTube channels, websites and Minecraft-unrelated products.
  3. Do not post any kind of adult or explicit content. This includes links, text, images and videos.
  4. Do not harass, insult, swear or discriminate. Keep discussions civil.
  5. Use the English language. Modded Minecraft Wiki currently does not support articles in other languages.
  6. Use proper spelling and grammar. Keep the language formal and objective.
  7. Follow the Style Guide when creating or editing articles, uploading images and adding videos.

Absolutely no spam or vandalism

We do not tolerate any spam or vandalism. Vandalism is defined as any addition, removal or change of content made in bad faith, with malicious intentions or otherwise intended to deliberately hurt the Modded Minecraft Wiki project.

Typical acts of vandalism include blanking pages, adding profanity or complete nonsense to a page. Such acts lead to an immediate long-term block and do not require any warnings.

If you encounter any vandalism, revert it by going to the page's history and using the "undo" button next to the proper edit. Make sure you are reverting to a "clean" version of the page. Alternatively, simply revert vandalism manually by editing the page. Afterwards, report the vandalism to one of the administrators.

It is, however, important to assume good faith. Understand that newcomers may make mistakes and are allowed to do so. Be respectful to them. Any good-faith edit, even if misguided, is not vandalism.