Wispy Essence

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Wispy Essence is an item dropped by Wisps from Thaumcraft 3. Wisps spawn when a nearby Node purges Flux from itself. Dependant on the aspect of this Flux, a different color of Wisp will spawn and a different variety of Wispy Essence will drop.

All Wispy Essences will have 1x Animus and 1x Mutatio aspect, as well as 4x of an additional aspect dependant on the type of flux that caused the wisp to spawn. For instance, if there was a significant amount of Lignum flux present in a nearby node, then wisps spawning from this node would appear as a green color and drop a green-colored Wispy Essence with 1x Animus, 1x Mutatio and 4x Lignum as aspects.

Wispy Essence can also have 4x Aer aspect under unknown circumstances, an aspect which is unobtainable by any other means.

Wispy Essence is not used in any crafting recipes in Thaumcraft or in any other mod, but it can be a good source of nearly-isolated aspects for either the Research Table or for the Crucible. Wispy Essence occurs in 59 different varieties, one for each aspect.