Zombie Brain (Thaumcraft 3)

Zombie Brain
Zombie Brain

Zombie Brain

Name Zombie Brain
Source Mod Thaumcraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
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Zombie Brain is an item which is dropped frequently by Angry Zombies and Giant Angry Zombies. It is added by Thaumcraft 3.

Zombie Brains are used in Thaumcraft 3 recipes for anything that needs to retain memories, such as Warded Blocks and Glass, Arcane Doors, and Arcane Pressure Plates, as well as items such as Brain in a Jar which can store experience.


One Zombie Brain holds the following Aspects:

Aspect Cognitio.png Aspect Corpus.png Aspect Malum.png Aspect Mortuus.png
Cognitio x4 Corpus x2 Malum x2 Mortuus x2