Giant Angry Zombie (Thaumcraft 3)

Giant Angry Zombie (Thaumcraft 3)
Name Giant Angry Zombie (Thaumcraft 3)
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3

Giant Angry Zombies are sometimes produced in high Flux areas, with the message:

A nearby node spews forth something foul

They will start appearing if a player has released large amounts of Mortus or Malum aspects into the aura. It seems to only spawn during night or during Thunderstorms. They deal high damage and have almost double the hit points in hard mode than Angry Zombie. They appear identical to Angry Zombies except as their health lowers they increase in height and attack power until they are 3.5 blocks tall. They tend to suffocate under a three block high ceiling as they seem to have the pathing of regular zombies and so follow the player into areas too short for them.

The Giant Angry Zombie grows in size with each strike. Growth stops around twice the height of a standard Zombie.

They drop zombie brains and large amounts of rotten flesh (~20) when killed.