Thaumaturge's Robes (Thaumcraft 3)

The Thaumaturge's Robes is a Tier 1 set of special armor.

These robes have similar protective properties to leather armor, but are more durable than mundane materials could ever be.

They also hold mystical enchantments very well and can hold powerful magic much better than even expensive armor.

Lastly, the various pieces of this outfit grant a small discount to the amont of vis drained from casting wands when you use them. (Also applies to wands outside your inventory, in an infusion table for example.)

Piece of clothing Fabric needed Vis cost Armor Durability Discount
Thaumaturge's Robe 8 50 1.5 400 2%
Thaumaturge's Leggings 7 50 1 375 2%
Thaumaturge's Boots 4 40 0.5 325 1%

Aspects Required[edit]

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Research Aspects required
Crystal Clusters

Tutamen Praecantatio Pannus