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By researching the different Transmutations you unlock the ability to make various items out of the aspects they are made of, though there is a slight loss.

Gunpowder Transmutation[edit]

Gunpowder can be obtained by smelting 6 Fractus and 6 Ignis aspects together in the Crucible, with 5 vis from the wand. This offers ways to turn large amounts of basic resources, such as cobblestone and coal, into something potentially more useful. The overall aspect loss with this method is: 2 Fractus and 2 Ignis.

Iron Transmutation[edit]

With the iron transmutation you can transform 2 Metallum aspects into 2 iron nuggets; essentially a 1 to 1 trade. This is notably useful because after creating an Infernal Furnace you will generally have iron nuggets left over, which you can transform back into iron. It should be noted that by crafting an iron ingot into 9 nuggets, you are increasing the number of Metallum aspects from 8 to 9. The overall aspect loss with this method is, assuming the nuggets are crafted into ingots: 1 Metallum. other used : Xychoridite is 2 Metallum : Xychoridite 9 -> Iron nuggets 18-> Iron 2

Gold Transmutation[edit]

This allows you to transform 1 Carus and 2 Metallum aspects into 2 gold nuggets. The overall aspect loss with this method is, assuming the nuggets are crafted into ingots: 1 Metallum, 1/2 Carus.


In order to obtain infinite Carus, you can craft an Igneous Extruder, feed the Cobblestone in to any furnace, and craft the resulting Stone into Chiseled Stone Bricks, which have 1 Carus each. Alternatively, pulverize the Cobblestone into Sand and craft Smooth Sandstone, which also has 1 Carus. Deserts suddenly become a veritable gold mine. When transmuting from one metal to another, it is generally best to first craft the metal ingots into nuggets. This increases the total amount of metallum aspect, and removes the other aspect (carus, vacuos ect.), preventing the crucible from returning the same metal which you put in.