Silverwood Tree (Thaumcraft 3)

Silverwood Trees are a blue-leafed tree from Thaumcraft 3 which grow near high concentrations of Vis. It needs a 200+ aura node within 4 chunks(that is within actual chunk boundaries, instead of 4 chunks in distance) to grow.

They are similar in size and shape to the large oak trees of vanilla, if not perhaps a little taller. They have distinctive blue leaves that sparkle, and the tree emits 7 levels of light, the same as a Redstone Torch.

Silverwood Logs take about 25% longer to cut than Oak Logs. The only way to craft Silverwood planks is to use a carpenter, you can also burn them for fuel or smelt them in a furnace to produce charcoal the same way as other logs.

Silverwood Logs are used in some Thaumcraft 3 recipes, and are also useful in Thaumcraft researching.

Destroying Silverwood leaves has a small chance of producing a Silverwood sapling. One tree will usually drop between 0 and 2 saplings,rarely 3, so they're only somewhat farmable. Those saplings can grow into a new tree, even in a 1x1 one block deep hole, provided that there is at least 100 vis in the area. To instantly grow a sapling, a Hoe of Growth must be used; bonemeal does nothing when used on the sapling.

They will spawn a new pure Node in their second trunk block with between 50 and 100 Aura as base size and no Flux. They are often used to grow or move Aura nodes, or destroy dark Aura nodes. If two or more trees grow about 8 blocks apart, their Aura nodes will fuse and move to the middle, resulting in higher capacity but also in Overcharge, which creates Flux.