Wand of Lightning

Wand of Lightning
Wand of Lightning

Name Wand of Lightning
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No

The Wand of Lightning is able to shoot a continuous flash of lightning, causing constant damage and knockback on enemies.

Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"You have successfully adapted the enchantment on an apprentice wand. It is now capable of focusing elemental energy into bolts of lightning.

However the wand has lost the ability to renew its charge and will eventually run out of energy and break."


GUI Infusion Altar (TC3).png
Infusion Altar
Air Shard (Thaumcraft 3)
Air Shard (Thaumcraft 3)
Wand of the Apprentice
Air Shard (Thaumcraft 3)

Wand of Lightning
50 Vis
Wand of the Apprentice
0 Vis


The Knockback effect on this wand makes it impossible for mobs to get close to the player; it is therefore really handy for fighting melee mobs, especially creepers, but of limited use against ranged mobs such as skeletons.

While the damage is moderate, the range is quite decent. Also, precise aiming is not needed as the wand searches its targets around the player's crosshair.

The wand has a chance to set mobs on fire, as well as turning pigs into zombie pigmen or creepers into charged creepers, however it does not work for charging a Lightning Rod.