Shard (Thaumcraft 3)

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This article is about Shards from Thaumcraft 3. You may be looking for Air Shard, Fire Shard, Water Shard, Earth Shard, Order Shard or Entropy Shard from Thaumcraft 4.
Item Air Shard (Thaumcraft 3).png

Grid Air Shard (Thaumcraft 3).png

Name Shard
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
All crystal ores with the respective shard above.

Shards are crystals that generate as ore underground, in seams of 1-4. There are 6 shard types: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Vis, and Dull. All shards contain 2x Praecantatio and 2x Vitreous Aspects, as well as 2x of 2 more Aspects related to the crystal, except for dull, which has no extra. The ore that shards come from helps keep the aura from depleting by transforming into dull ore and releasing Vis when it gets very low. Shards are an essential crafting item used in many Thaumcraft 3 recipes, including the Wand of the Apprentice, the Wand of the Adept, the Crystal Capacitor, Crystal Clusters, and far more. In addition to use in Thaumcraft 3, it is possible to produce IndustrialCraft2 EU by employing the GregTech 4 Magic Energy Converter.

It is also possible to produce shards by breeding bees from the Magic Bees mod. Production of Dull Shards is possible with the Stark Bee. Stark Bees may further be enchanted to produce 5 other bee species, one corresponding to each type of shard. Additionally Dull Shards can be produced from the other 5 shards by employing GregTech 4's Magic Energy Converter; after discharging all their energy, a dull shard is outputted from the machine.

Yet another way to obtain shards is to trade with the Thaumcraft villager. They will usually offer 3 shards in exchange for one emerald.

Silk Touch will not produce ore blocks as they do for other gems and crystals. However, the Fortune and Treasure enchantments do affect the number of shards.

Data Values and Ores[edit]

The ore is called <Shard type> Infused Stone. (e.g.: Fire Infused Stone) It is not obtainable without cheating it into your inventory.

The type of the shard (and ore) depends on a secondary data field (beyond the item ID of 25261), which is also used to store the damage for tools and so is commonly referred to as a “damage value”, or the DV.

DV Color Item Ore
0 Yellow Grid Air Shard (Thaumcraft 3).png Air Shard Grid Air Infused Stone (Thaumcraft 3).png Air Infused Stone
1 Red Grid Fire Shard (Thaumcraft 3).png Fire Shard Grid Fire Infused Stone (Thaumcraft 3).png Fire Infused Stone
2 Blue Grid Water Shard (Thaumcraft 3).png Water Shard Grid Water Infused Stone (Thaumcraft 3).png Water Infused Stone
3 Green Grid Earth Shard (Thaumcraft 3).png Earth Shard Grid Earth Infused Stone (Thaumcraft 3).png Earth Infused Stone
4 Purple Grid Vis Shard.png Vis Shard Grid Vis Infused Stone.png Vis Infused Stone
5 Gray Grid Dull Shard.png Dull Shard Grid Dull Infused Stone.png Dull Infused Stone