Wisp (Thaumcraft 3)

Wisps spawned near a node, inside a glass cage made to trap them.
Name Wisp
Health 21 (Heart.png x 10.5)
Damage 4 (2 Hearts)
Spawn Near nodes with high Flux levels.
Drops Wispy Essence
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3

A Wisp is a flying mob which is spawned in areas with a high level of Flux. They appear as glowing balls of energy that float in the air. Most wisps are neutral and will not attack unless you provoke them. Exceptions include wisps containing mutatio, malum, and mortuus as their primary aspects, which will attack you on sight (purple, red, and black wisps, respectively). Wisps attack by firing bolts of energy at the player.


They spawn when there is a high enough flux amount present, and usually of the Aspect/Essentia you waste the most. Say you're making Nitor, and waste some Potentia (Power) Essentia, that goes into the closest Node. When enough Potentia is present inside the node, it will spawn a wisp with Potentia as the main aspect.


Wisps drop Wispy Essence, which has Mutatio (Flux) essentia, Animus (Spirit) essentia and 4 of whatever Essentia it was made out of. Wispy Essence tends to fall out of the sky, so if you kill one in your house, check the roof.