Talisman of Withhold (Thaumic Tinkerer 1)

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Talisman of Withhold
Talisman of Withhold

Talisman of Withhold

Name Talisman of Withhold
Source Mod Thaumic Tinkerer 1
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable no

The Talisman of Withhold is an item from Thaumic Tinkerer 1 which stores experience in a manner similar to a Brain in a Jar, except for that the talisman is portable, As a tradeoff for this portability, it requires vanilla minecraft glass bottles to extract the stored experience, creating a bottle o' enchanting at a cost of 10 experience each. As each bottle o' enchanting only provides between 3 and 11 experience, the talisman can greatly slow overall experience gain, but can be very useful for a player who finds themselves frequently maxing out their exp bar, or as a safety net for players who find themselves dying frequently and losing large amounts of experience, by using it to stockpile bottles o' enchanting in a safe location such as an ender chest- even if the talisman is lost, the bottles will be safe at home.

Research Scroll[edit]

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Research Requirements

Malum Cognito

Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

After knowing that zombie brains have the ability to store experience, you have created a talisman that mimics that behaviour, not to a perfect extent though.