Magical Forest

Magical Forest Biome

Magical Forest is a biome added by Thaumcraft 4 mod, which can be found relatively easily in the Overworld. It is a very thoroughly detailed biome and some of its features are unique. Here are the structures, plants, blocks, mobs etc. which can be found in this biome:

  • Leaves have pale green color.
  • Both Grass and Ferns generate on the ground. Flowers and mushrooms can also be found.
  • Vishrooms are unique mushrooms that generate only in this biome.
  • Mushrooms can also generate on the leaves of the trees.
  • Lily Pads generate in natural water sources.
  • Main trees in this biome are tall Oak trees.
  • Giant Mushrooms of both types also generate here.
  • Mana Beans can be found growing on the Oak Logs of the trees only in this biome.
  • Silverwood and Greatwood trees are 6 times more common in this biome than in any other forest-based biome.
  • Shimmerleaves can be found near each Silverwood generated in this biome.
  • Formations of 5-24 Moss Stones in spheres are also common in this biome. These formations generate only in Magical Forest and Mega Taiga biomes.
  • Pechs can only spawn in this biome.

This biome can also be found around Pure Aura Nodes in Silverwoods when such nodes are in active chunk for a long time. Such nodes spread this biome in a small area around them.

It can be easily obtained with the mod Mystcraft by creating a Single-biome world and choosing this one as a filler.