Crafter (Steve's Carts 2)

Crafter (Steve's Carts 2)
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Module type Addon
Modular cost 22
Construction time 3m 45s

Crafter is an addon for carts. GUI of the Crafter looks like one of the Crafting Table's. Create a recipe by clicking its slots with necessary items. Ghost items will appear. To remove the image of any item from the crafting grid, they should be click on. When a valid recipe has been entered, the resulting item will be shown in the output slot.

The Crafter will try to craft the recipe every few seconds. It will look for the items mentioned in the recipe in any chest/storage installed in the cart and will try to put the output back to any chest/storage in the cart. If some resources are missing or if there's no room for the resulting item, the Crafter will not do anything.


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Simple PCB

Crafting Table

Crafter (Steve's Carts 2)


Crafter (Steve's Carts 2) can be used to create the following items:

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