Advanced Control System

Advanced Control System
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Advanced Control System

Name Advanced Control System
Module type Attachment
Modular cost 38
Construction time 12m 37s
Source Mod Steve's Carts 2

Advanced Control System takes the sides of a cart. A Seat module must be used with this attachment.

When a player mounts the cart, a GUI appears in the upper-left corner of the screen.


At the top you will see a few bars, these will provide information about the Engines of the cart. Every engine added to this specific cart will show up as two bars with a colour code on the left hand side. The colour code can be either green, yellow, orange or red which indicates its priority setting, again, see the engine page for more info. The two bars are indicating the fuel level of this engine The top one is the fine tuned one and the bottom one is the roughly tuned one. Every time the top one fills up it will go empty and the bottom one will increase a bit.

Steering and speed

Using standard movement keys (default 'w','a','d') a player can steer the cart in different directions. Pressing and holding any of those keys will force the cart to go in that direction when passing a Junction Rail. The yellow arrow associated with that key will indicate this by being filled. However, if one passes a Junction Rail without pushing any of the control keys, the cart will continue in the default direction of the junction rail. Furthermore, one can hit a "back" key (default 's') to make the cart turn back on its track. To change the speed of the cart use the jump key (default space) to increase and the sneak key (default shift) to decrease. At higher speed the cart will consume more fuel.

Extra information

The bar on the left is the height display, the red marker shows cart's altitude in the world. The clock and the compass in the interface work as a normal clock and compass and show the time of the day and the direction to spawn. The ODO keeps track of the total distance the cart has travelled and can only be reset by breaking the cart. The TRIP keeps track of the distance the cart has travelled since its last reset .


GUI Crafting Table.png
Graphical Interface

Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Speed Handle
Advanced Control System