Apiarist's Pipe

Apiarist's Pipe
Block Apiarist's Pipe.png

Name Apiarist's Pipe
Source Mod Forestry
ID Name Unknown
Type Pipe
Stackable Yes (64)

The Apiarist's Pipe is a BuildCraft-like pipe added by Forestry. It is used in conjunction with beekeeping, since it allows helpful sorting options for items passing through the pipe and to select bees from a specific species with specific traits for any chosen output. Like a Diamond Transport Pipe, each output face of the pipe can have an individual setting, accessed by right-clicking the pipe. Left click on a slot to select the next option, and right click to reset the slot. On the left side of the interface, there are six spots where items and bees can be filtered based on the following options:

The GUI of an Apiarist's Pipe
  • Closed
  • Anything
  • Items
  • Any Bees
  • Drones
  • Princesses
  • Queen
  • Pure-Bred Bees
  • Nocturnal Bees
  • Pure Nocturnal Bees
  • Strong Flyers
  • Pure Flyers
  • Cave-Dwellers
  • Pure Cave-Dwellers

To the right of that, there are six rows with six slots each, one for each side of the pipe. These can be used to sort bees passing through the pipe by the species of bee. Each side of the pipe can have up to three types of bees set to travel that direction. Each set of two slots, separated by a colored bar and with a 0-1 in brackets at the bottom, represents one type of bee. There are two slots so that bees can be sorted by active and inactive traits. The species on the left side, with the 0 below it, is the active trait. The species on the right side, with the 1 below it, is the inactive trait. If one trait is not set, then any bees with the trait that is set will pass that direction. If there is more than one valid direction for an item to travel, then it will pick one at random.

For example, to send a Meadows-Forest bee in the green direction, set the left side of the green row to Any Bees, the first bee slot to Meadows, and the second bee slot to Forest, so that the pipe looks like this:

Apiarist's Pipe GUI with Bees.png

Using a Wooden Transport Pipe to draw items from an Apiary and an Apiarist's Pipe to direct any bees back into the Apiary, the breeding of bees can be easily automated with up to four Apiaries connected to a single Apiarist's Pipe.

See Advanced Apiarist Pipe for a more customizable version with different options.


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Diamond Transport Pipe

Apiarist's Pipe