Canned Food

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Canned Food
Canned Food

Name Canned Food
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Canned Food (also named (Filled) Tin Can) is a food item made using the Canning Machine.

Although eating canned food only restores your hunger meter one at a time like melon slices, it also restores health when eating, which can be particularly useful when caught in a sticky situation where both health and hunger are running low.

If a player is wearing QuantumSuit Helmet, it will restore hunger using Canned Food. It will use 1 can for half hunger points.

Canning will no longer remove the negative effects of foods such as rotten flesh, raw chicken, and spider eyes. The (Filled) Tin Can will have the subtext: This looks bad...

Food List[edit]

Different types of food will fill a different number of cans. This is shown in the following table:

Type Of Food Cans Filled
Hydra Chop 9
Cake 6
Cooked Beef, Steak or Porkchop 4
Mushroom Stew 4
Baked Potato 3
Cooked Chicken 3
Cooked Fish 3
Bread 3
Raw Chicken* 3
Fish 3
Golden Carrot* 2
Raw Pork/Beef 2
Apple 2
Rotten Flesh* 2
Golden Apple* 2
Notch's Golden Apple* 2
Melon Slice 1
Cookie 1
Spider Eye* 1

The items marked with an asterisk will produce Canned Food which retains the same effect as eating the ingredient raw would inflict.