Limitations and misc (TrainCraft)


Long trains imply limitations: Do not try to make sharp 180 turns, leave 3+ spaces between each 90 turn. Otherwise weird stuff may happen especially with very long trains.

Always PULL carts! Bounding boxes are buggy and unreliable!


Locomotives can be routed using Railcraft Routing Track. Destination will show in the GUI, Sneak+Crowbar to reset. There is no space for tickets. Not "Color=" compatible.


Do not go too fast on turns or your locomotives will derail!

It is recommended to slow down under 90 km/h before turning or you will find yourself crashing off tracks.


Some rolling stock has several textures and can be painted with dyes. The rolling stock that can be painted will show the possible colors in the chat once placed in the world. To paint, simply right click with the correct dye.

Known bugs[edit]

  • Sharp turns are not supported (close 180 turns).
  • When coming backwards from the Curve of a switch too slow Switchstate can be false.
  • Jukebox Volume incorrect after rejoin/restart.
  • Don't use 4 TC Slopes in a row!
  • TC Slopes won't work above about y=160.


Due to the bounding box issues, carts have to be attached and PULLED. Don't try to push.

Railcraft pull system has been deactivated on Traincraft loco. Use TC's system.