Concentrated Essence Berry

Concentrated Essence Berry
Concentrated Essence Berry

Name Concentrated Essence Berry
Source Mod Tinkers' Construct
ID Name
OreDict Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Concentrated Essence Berry is a berry harvested from an Essence Berry Bush and is from Tinkers' Construct Mod. Unlike Oreberries, it cannot be smelted down into metal nuggets, but when eaten it grants the player experience instead of restoring hunger. Essence berry bushes can be planted in dark areas, allowing the player to harvest Essence berries by right-clicking once the bush has fully matured.

Essence berries can be auto harvested by 'right clickers' such as Autonomous Activators or with the use of Golems. Auto clickers will drop the XP orbs on the ground that will then need to be picked up by either a Sewer or a Vacuum Hopper. When auto right clicked on top of a Sewer, essence berries can provide a source of Mob Essence. Essence berries can also be turned into Liquid XP if another mod such as OpenBlocks is installed alongside of Tinkers'. Essence berries are affected by fertilizing blocks such as the Lamp of Growth and Sigil of the Green Grove.

The item description claims the Concentrated Essence Berry "Tastes Like Creeper," but there is no risk of the player exploding when consuming this item.