Angry Enderman (DartCraft)

Angry Enderman (DartCraft)
Name Angry Enderman (DartCraft)
Health 40 (Heart.png x 20)
Damage 4 (Heart.png x 2)
Spawn Upon killing an Ender Tot
Drops 0-2 Ender Pearls
Source Mod DartCraft

The Angry Enderman is a hostile mob similar to an Enderman added by DartCraft. They spawn after killing an Ender Tot. It is identical to an Enderman in appearance.

When an Ender Tot is killed, 1-2 Angry Endermen spawn. This gives the appearance that the Angry Endermen are the Ender Tot's "parents". They can be killed with 2 hits by a charged Vajra. Like Endermen, contact with water will deal 1/2 a heart of damage every 1/2 a second. Unlike Endermen, they can swim against a water current, though they will not normally get very far. They will not, however, teleport into water.


Fighting Angry Endermen can be more difficult than fighting "regular" Endermen. The safest method is to dig out 1 block in the ground and place one 2 blocks above the bottom of the hole. This leaves enough room for the player to stand, while at no risk of taking damage from the Angry Enderman. It is then possible to hit the Angry Enderman's legs with any weapon (even fists) with no fear of retaliation. This method, while the most effective, leaves the player at risk of damage from other mobs, most notably Skeletons. Another possible method is to place a water source block down and stand in it. The Angry Endermen will enter the water and die in 20 seconds. This method can work well the the first one, but alone it becomes very risky: A skeleton could easily shoot the player outside the protection of the water, leaving the player vulnerable to the Angry Enderman.


  • Angry Endermen are always hostile, even in creative
  • Critical hits do not add any additional damage to Angry Endermen
  • Sometimes only 1 Angry Enderman "parent" spawns after killing an Ender Tot