Affinities represent a bond to a certain type of magic element and can be viewed as a percentage in the Occulus. Affinities will shift based on what Spells are cast.

The Occulus has the Affinities in a layout that will give an idea as to how Affinites will shift, eg. the Life and Water affinities lie next to each other and Ender lies on the opposite side of Life, therefore having some Affinity with Life and casting an Ender or Water spell will shift the Affinities towards Ender or Water respectively, reducing the Affinity with Life in the process. Ender, being on the opposite side, will reduce the Life Affinity much more than the Water spell. Reading Affinity Tomes will have the same effect.

Shifting an Affinity to 100% will lock the player to that Affinity, disabling the ability to shift any other Affinities. To unlock Affinity shifting, the Affinity tome for the opposite Affinity to the one locked is needed, dropping the locked Affinity to 80% Depth.

Current Affinites[edit]

  • Air
  • Arcane
  • Earth
  • Ender
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Life
  • Lightning
  • Nature/Plant
  • Water

Affinity Consequences[edit]

The Occulus shows how much Affinities are shifted as a percentage. This is known as Depth. Affinities have many Advantages and Disadvantages depending on the Depth of each.

Affinity Advantage Disadvatage Opposite Affinity
Air 50% Depth - Agile: Jump boost and Feather Fall for 1 Block.
Upgrades to 2 Blocks at 75% and 3 Blocks at 100%.
100% Depth - Light as a Feather: Rain and Storms Move and Slow the player, Sneak or Gravity Well will Negate the movement. Earth
Arcane 100% Depth - Clear Caster: Chance that a Spell will have no mana cost.

Magic Focus: Spells cost 5% less mana.
100% Depth - Magic Weakness: Take more damage from Magic Spells. Nature/Plant
Earth 25% Depth - Stone Skin: Damage Reduction equal to Depth divided by 10.
(2.5% Damage Reduction at 25% Depth, 10% Damage Reduction at 100% Depth).
100% Depth - Solid Bones: Sink faster and be more sensitive to fall damage. Air
Ender 50% Depth - Resistance to Poison: No Poison Damage.

75% Depth - DarkVision: Gain Night Vision in dark areas.
100% Depth - Weakness to Water: Max Health reduced while touching water.

Weakness to Sunlight: Max Health reduced during daytime.
Fire Resistance to Fire: Damage reduction to Fire and Lava based to depth. 60% Damage Reduction at 100% Depth.

100% Depth - Fire Punch: Punching Enemies will light them on fire.
50% Depth - Weakness to Water: Take damage when touching Water, does not occur below 75% Health. Water
Ice Frozen Footsteps: At 50% Depth, Freeze Water under your feet while sneaking. At 100% Depth, Turn Lava into Obsidian under your feet while sneaking. 100% Depth - Cold Blooded: Move slower unless on Ice or in Water. Lightning
Life Fast Healing: Health Regeneration based on Depth. 60% Depth - Pacifist: Affected by Nausea after every kill. Ender
Lightning Lightning Reflexes: Speed increase by 1% to 30% based on Depth. Automatically step up 1 block ledges at 50% Depth.

100% Depth - Thunderpunch: Call down lightning on a mob when punching them. (Caution against Creepers)
20% to 89% Depth - Fulmination: Small chance to charge nearby Creepers.
At 20% to 44% Depth, also have a small chance to ignite nearby TNT.

50% Depth - Short Circuit: Rapid Mana loss when in Water or Rain.
Nature / Plant Harvester: More Seeds and Saplings.

50% Depth - Thorns Aura: Gain Thorns Enchantment at all times. Enchantment Level increases at 75% and 100% Depth.

100% Depth - Photosynthesis: Slowly Regenerate Hunger in direct sunlight.

100% Depth - Rooted: Climb most natural surfaces similar to a Spider.
100% Depth - Photosynthesis: Lose hunger at night or in dark areas.

100% Depth - Rooted: Move slower.
Water 100% Depth - Expanded Lungs: Slower Breath loss underwater.

Fluidity: Not pushed by Water.

Enderman-Repellant: Deal damage to Endermen that deal damage to you.
100% Depth - Fire Weakness: Take extra damage from Fire, does not occur below 75% Health. Fire

Spells by Affinity[edit]

Affinity Spell Components
Air Flight, Levitate, Leap, Knockback, Fling, Slowfall
Arcane Shield, Magic Damage, Mana Drain, Chrono Anchor, Reflect, Telekinesis, Recall
Earth Dig, Physical Damage, Knockback, Gravity Well, Place block
Ender Lifetap, Blind, Magic Damage, Astral Distortion, Gravity Well, Summon
Fire Fire Damage, Ignition, Forge, Fury
Ice Ice Damage, Freeze, Slow
Life Heal, Regeneration, Life Tap, Life Drain, Summon
Lightning Lightning Damage, Storm, Haste, Fury
Nature / Plant Entangle, Wizard's Autumn, Grow, Plant, Regeneration
Water Drown, Knockback, Watery Grave, Swift Swim, Mana shield
None Void, Accelerate, Repel, Dispel, Disarm