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Modded Minecraft Wiki:Style Guide/Modpacks
Modded Minecraft Wiki:Style Guide/Modpacks
Name Modded Minecraft Wiki:Style Guide/Modpacks
Creator FTBWiki.org
Launcher Dat Cool Launcher
Latest Version 3.1.4
Minecraft Version 1.6.4

The description should provide an overview of the modpack, its general theme, and possibly other information if available.

  • Each article starts out with a lead. A lead is an introductory paragraph of an article. It should give the fundamentals of what the modpack is about in a few short sentences. The lead should give a general broad idea of the topic at hand. It is a description of the whole article.
  • It should first mention the modpack in question, and its name should be bolded:
"The PACKNAME [is/any verb ...]"
  • The lead should NEVER be placed under a section header! It goes at the top of the page after the item template and possibly {{stub}} or {{youmay}} templates.


  • {{Infobox/Modpack}} must always be added, before the lead, but after any {{stub}} and other templates. It should contain at least the pack creator, launcher, latest modpack version and base Minecraft version. A detailed explanation of the template can be found on its template page.
  • If possible, data such as preceding and succeeding packs, or the private pack code should also be added. These fields are not required and should only be added when applicable.
  • If available, an image should be added to the infobox. It may be the pack's icon from the launcher, its logo or a similar graphic. Screenshots should not be used as modpack images. On the final page the image may have a maximum size of 250 px × 250 px.


  • The Mods section should list all mods included in the latest version of the pack.
  • Mods should be listed in a collapsed wikitable, listing at least the mod name and version used in the pack.
  • Additional information about mods may be listed in a Notes column, e. g. whether they are disabled by default.
  • Mods should be linked using semantic links. [[Has mod::MODNAME]] is used for required mods, [[Has optional mod::MODNAME]] for optional/disabled ones.
  • Semantic links are visually identical to normal links. Optional/disabled mods should thus also be pointed out as such in the Notes column.


{| class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"
! Name !! Version !! Notes
| [[Has optional mod::Biomes O' Plenty]] || 1.2.1 || disabled by default
| [[Has mod::Extra Utilities]] || 1.0.1 || 
| [[Has mod::Morpheus]] || 1.0.0 || server only
| [[Has mod::Mystcraft]] || || 
| [[Has mod::Obsidian Pressure Plates]] || 2.0.0 build 15 || 
| [[Has mod::VoxelMap]] || 0.9.0 || client only
Name Version Notes
Biomes O' Plenty 1.2.1 disabled by default
Extra Utilities 1.0.1
Morpheus 1.0.0 server only
Obsidian Pressure Plates 2.0.0 build 15
VoxelMap 0.9.0 client only


Main article: Project:Style Guide#Videos

Videos are not required but can be added to a video section on the page. A maximum of two videos are allowed on any given page. Once the maximum number of videos are on the article if someone wants to add another video it has to be discussed on the talk page or our forums for which video to remove.

See Also

  • The See Also section should contain links to related pages and modpacks.
  • Pages should be listed using bullet points.

External Links

  • The External Links section includes links to useful pages outside of the wiki which contain information that the wiki article does not cover. This section is not required and should only be included if appropriate.
  • Pages should be listed using bullet points.


  • Categories for the article should be added at the very bottom of the page, after any text. An article can be categorized by "linking" to a category (i. e. [[Category:Minecraft 1.6 Modpacks]]).
  • The modpack should generally be the first article listed in its own category. This can be achieved by typing [[Category:PACKNAME| ]].
  • Each category should be placed on a separate line. This does not cause any formatting problems.