MRUCU Enrichment Chamber

MRUCU Enrichment Chamber
Name MRUCU Enrichment Chamber
Type Structure
Mod EssentialCraft III

MRUCU Enrichment Chamber is a multiblock structure added by EssentialCraft III. It is used to store large amounts of MRU.

The Enrichment Chamber doesn't have a strict structure. Instead the structure has several requirements, listed below:

In order to do anything, Control Blocks must be placed within the sides of the cube. There are following control blocks:

  • Enrichment Chamber MRU Acceptor Enrichment Chamber MRU Acceptor has a Bound Gem Bound Gem slot and allows the structure to accept MRU. The structure can have any number of MRU Acceptors.
  • Enrichment Chamber MRU Ejector Enrichment Chamber MRU Ejector allows linking Bound Gems Bound Gems to it in order to extract MRU out of the structure. The structure can have any number of MRU Ejectors.
  • Enrichment Chamber Holding Block Enrichment Chamber Holding Block increases the energy capacity of the structure by 100,000 MRU. The structure can have any number of Holding Blocks.
  • Enrichment Chamber Redstone Controller Enrichment Chamber Redstone Controller allows to get information about internal MRU using redstone. Shift-Rightclicking the block changes it behavior between Always output, Output if full and Output if at least X% MRU modes with X being 10, 20, 30, etc. The structure can have any number of Redstone Controllers.
  • Enrichment Chamber State Checker Enrichment Chamber State Checker allows to view structure internal MRU, balance and MROV. It is not clear what MROV is and MRU and balance can be viewed by looking at any control block with WAILA, so it's not recommended to create this block. The structure can have any number of State Checkers.
  • Enrichment Chamber Stabilizer Enrichment Chamber Stabilizer decreases chance for the internal MRUCUs to create corruption by 20× factor. Note that it is not recommended to create one because Corruption mechanic isn't implemented in the latest version. The structure can have a maximum of 1 Stabilizer.