Jump Assist

Jump Assist is an upgrade for the Power Armor Legs. It uses energy to increase the player's jump height.


This module is installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table and requires the following items:


Jump Assist is mainly used to allow the player to jump higher than they normally could on their own (one block). The following can be adjusted at the Tinker Table:

  • Compensation: Reduces the amount of exhaustion (hunger bar usage) as a result of jumping. Requires 1 J per 20% compensation per jump.
  • Power: Increases the player's jump boost, up to a maximum of 500%. The minimum is 100% boost, which has no energy cost and allows the player to jump up two blocks. At the maximum, an additional 25 J per jump is consumed, allowing the player to jump up by 6 blocks. However, the effect of the boost is reduced if the total added weight exceeds 25 kg.

In order to reach maximum height, the player must hold the jump key down.

Jump Assist can be bound to a key and disabled to save energy.