Extra Warp Effects

Warp Theory adds several new effects of the Warp the player has.

Name Chat message Effect
Bats The sounds of wingbeats fill the air... Spawns many Bats near the player.
Blink You suddenly feel disoriented... Teleports the player around.
Poison Your veins catch fire... Inflicts Poison to the player.
Nausea You feel sick to your stomach... Inflicts Nausea to the player.
Jump You feel a lot lighter... Inflicts Jump Boost to the player.
Blind Everything goes dark... Inflicts Blindness to the player.
Ears Your ears start to ring... Plays sound of TNT ignition.
Swamp You feel revitalized... Inflicts Saturation to the player.
Tongue Your tongue goes numb... Inflicts mining Fatigue to the player.
Friend You feel a bit lonely... Spawns a Creeper with the name Kraneloth near the player.
Livestock You feel a bit hungry... Inflicts Hunger to the player.
Wind A strange wind picks up... Randomly pushes the player around.
Chests A chill runs down your spine... Inflicts Weakness to the player.
Blood You smell something visceral... Inflicts Strength to the player.
Acceleration Something seems faster... Inflicts Speed to the player.
Lightning Your hair stands on end... Strikes the player with lightning.
Fall You get a sudden feeling of vertigo... Teleports the player below the Bedrock and then teleports back.
Rain You hear a rumble in the distance... Starts rain.
Wither You feel overwhelmed with dread... Spawns Wither Boss near the player.
Decay You feel much older... Inflicts Slowness to the player.

These warp effects can be applied instead of normal Warp effects, when warp even occurs. Normal effects still can be applied.