Default area marked by the stone outline. The roses are out of range.
Area / Territory is a trait found on Bees when analyzed with the Beealyzer. It describes a region in X, Y and Z coordinates (most commonly "9 x 6 x 9"), with the colony's Bee House, Apiary or Alveary located at the center. Within this region:
  • at least one Flower of the type favorable to the Queen must be present, or the hive will not operate
  • the influence of the Queen's active Effect is felt, if applicable

There are three types of territory Alleles. From biggest to smallest, these are:

  • Largest - 15 x 13 x 15 - 2 species
  • Large - 11 x 8 x 11- 4 species
  • Average - 9 x 6 x 9 - all other species

Pollination Area[edit]

The pollination area is a second region, with sidelengths exactly three times larger than the Area trait (e.g. the most common Area trait, 9 x 6 x 9, has a pollination area measuring 27 x 18 x 27, with the hive at the center). Within the pollination area:

  • bees will cross-pollinate the leaves of trees, for Arboriculture
  • bees will spawn the growth of their favorable flower, if eligible

Bee Species with Non-Standard Area Traits[edit]

This list contains Bee Species with an Area trait that differs from the standard 9x6x9. These are the default traits for purebred bees. Cross-bred bees may have different traits inherited from the parental generation. Area can be modified through selective breeding.

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Bee Species sorted by Area
11 x 8 x 11
Grid Aqua Bee.png
Aqua Bee
Grid Batty Bee.png
Batty Bee
Grid Doctoral Bee.png
Doctoral Bee
Grid Ender Bee.png
Ender Bee
Grid Minium Bee.png
Minium Bee
15 x 13 x 15
Grid Aura Bee.png
Aura Bee
Grid Jaded Bee.png
Jaded Bee