Anti-Observation Goggles

When equipped in the helmet slot, the Anti-Observation Goggles prevent the player from causing quantum observations. In other words, from the perspective of any quantum blocks/phenomenon in the game, it is as if that player isn't there. Unlike the Quantum Goggles, quantum blocks are not rendered visible by the Anti-Observation Goggles. Note that even if a player has the AOG equipped, other observers in the vicinity of the player can still cause observations, which the player will still see happening even if he has the AOG equipped. AOG can be useful in a multiplayer setting where it is only desirable for some but not all players to trigger observations (for example when trying to solve certain kinds of puzzles).

(Crafting recipe:) https://sites.google.com/a/elinemedia.com/qcraft/wiki/qcraft/blocks-and-items/AOG.PNG?attredirects=0