Advanced Genetics Abilities

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Through genetic manipulation, Advanced Genetics allows the player to acquire various useful Abilities:

Ability Mob Description
Save Your Inventory Enderman Keeps all your items in your inventory when you die (requires the Death Enderchest to be placed)
Destroy Blocks With Fireballs Ghast
Ender Health Ender Dragon Prevents all damage (requires a Heal Crystal in the player's inventory)
Shoot Fireballs Blaze
Fly Bat Lets you fly
Night Vision Bat
Eat Grass Sheep Right-click on a grass block to eat the block
Jump Horse Lets you jump higher
Infinity Skeleton Don't run out of arrows (requires the Genetic Bow)
Swim In Lava Zombie Pigman You don't get damaged by lava
No-Fall Chicken You take no fall damage
Throw Potions Witch Throw random potions
Explode Yourself Creeper
Wooly Sheep Every entity that is affected is now shearable
Slimy Slime The entity will drop slimeballs upon death.
Speed Ocelot Walk much faster
Infinite Milk Cow Every entity that is affected can now produce milk
More Hearts Iron Golem Adds a 5 heart permanent health increase
Produce Stew Mooshroom
Teleporter Enderman Hit a defined key (in controls) to throw a free ender pearl
Water Breather Squid Lets you breath underwater
Wither Hit Wither Entities you hit gets a wither effect
Climb Spider Lets you climb walls
Avoid Creepers Ocelot Creepers won't explode when you are close enough. They will also flee like they flee from Ocelots.
Resistance Zombie Gives you resistance 2 effect
Throw Snowballs Snow Golem Snow Golem Does nothing
Wolf If you get hit by a mob, nearby wolves will attack the mob
Poisoness Cave Spider